Running Doe

Running Doe
103 yrs old
United States

Running Doe's Interests
General powwows, hiknig, fishing, looking for native amercian items, also my cherokee group,
Music native american music, some country, some oldies 70s 80s music, and Moley all types of music,
Movies native american movies,
Television history channel, native american movies.The Voice, and movies that make me laugh
Books Little Bear, Nez PEREE
Heroes Chief Joseph, Gerinmo
Running Doe's Details
Status: Not Entered
Here for: Not Entered
Orientation: Cherokee
Body type: slim
Ethnicity: Not Entered
Zodiac: Feb. i am of the wolf in cherokee
Children: Not Entered
Education: 12 grade plus other classes
Occupation: private C.N.A.
Income: Not Entered

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Running Doe

Lives in Virginia, home North Carolina, Virginia United States · Born on February 22, 1915

Running Doe's Blurbs

About me:

Iam cherokee, i love hiking going to powwows, fishing and the mts.

Who i'd like to meet :

All of my ancesters plus elders in the Spirit World

Status Update: #2346

Running Doe
Hope Everyone has a wonderful New Year, blessings
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Woof II
Back at ya with interest.
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