Pedro M. Rosario Barbosa

Pedro M. Rosario Barbosa
45 yrs old
Puerto Rico

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Here for: Sharing ideas.
Orientation: Straight
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Ethnicity: Puerto Rican
Zodiac: Capricorn
Children: None
Education: M.A.
Occupation: University Teacher
Income: Not Entered

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Pedro M. Rosario Barbosa

Lives in Puerto Rico · Born on January 18, 1975

Pedro M. Rosario Barbosa's Blurbs

About me:

I obtained my Master's Degree in Philosophy. I advocate for a sort of Process Theology, Liberation Theology, and Evolutionary Christianity.

In the realm of politics I'm left wing, and also hold mostly progressive views. I also am into movements which look for Puerto Rico's independence from the United States. I favor the use of cooperatives as economic engines, and endorse the principles of Progressive Utilization Theory (PROUT).

I'm a big promoter of free software and the GNU Project. I promote the use of the GNU operative system which uses Linux as its kernel, the GNU/Linux operative system. I'm also in favor of other free systems, such as *BSD systems such as FreeBSD or PC-BSD, and others such as Illumos and Chromium OS.

Also I'm a promoter of Free Culture, Creative Commons, Copyright reform, Anti-DRM Campaign, and free (in the sense of "freedom" not in the sense of "no-monetary-cost") music and information.

Who i'd like to meet :

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Pedro M. Rosario Barbosa
For the first time I will teach Tom Regan in my Ethics course. Although the exposition will be short, the discussion is a bit controversial. I am a deontologist, but I don't support Regan completely. ...
Pedro M. Rosario Barbosa
Pedro M. Rosario Barbosa
For some reason, a lot of people treat John Shelby Spong as being a competent Bible scholar. Although some times his statements are accurate, some other times it leaves to be desired (especially from ...
Pedro M. Rosario Barbosa
El breve artículo que escribí sobre el libro de texto de Ética que estoy escribiendo.
Pedro M. Rosario Barbosa
Pedro M. Rosario Barbosa
This is the best detailed review of "The Minority Report" film I have seen. I actually liked this movie very much (as much as the vast majority of the critics). This movie won a lot of awards and I th...
Pedro M. Rosario Barbosa
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existential pathos
[Hi Pedro, all this is just my opinion and by no means do I insist it is a universal truth. Its nice to meet someone in cyber-land who enjoys this type of topic. :=) ]

But Metaphysics is in the realm of thought and not in the realm of actuality. There's a reason that Kant, Hegel, the German Ideali...
  • July 17, 2013
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existential pathos
err that should read "...True, Thought cancels the dial..."
  • July 17, 2013
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Pedro M. Rosario Barbosa
I woke up and laughed very much at what I consider the best review ever to the Star Wars prequels I've ever seen. Watched all of the nine reviews about it in a row. It is just brilliant and shows what...
Pedro M. Rosario Barbosa
Ah! I'm so thrilled that with the mess created in our department, and with no offices available for me to work in, my new office is an amphitheater. I assure you, no claustrophobic person would ever f...
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