15 yrs old
United Kingdom

damien's Interests
General drawing stuffz,programming, petre, agere, pokemon, wolvez, mcr (punk/hardcore in general), furbiez, webkinz, picrew, guitar, scenecore, webcore and sparkly thingz
Music (genres: rock, post hardcore, metal, pop punk, alternative, dream pop, britpop indie, electronic, vaporwave)
MCR!!! MSI!!! FVK!!! LEATHERMOUTH!! the wallows, the smiths, alesena, lemon demon, frank iero, gerard way, gorillaz, green day, p!atd, declan mckenna, idk how, cavetown, top, still woozy, boy pablo, half alive, current joys, mother mother, bears in trees, the scary jokes
Movies Not Entered
Television sanders sides!!!! vampire diaries, the office(both), rick and morty, the good place, kobayashi's dragon maid, charlotte, the umbrella academy, invader zim, svtfoe, gravity falls
Books Not Entered
Heroes frank iero!!! gerard way!! lynz way!!!
damien's Details
Status: In a relationship
Here for: Friends, music
Orientation: Pansexual /Demisexual
Body type: Average
Ethnicity: Black
Zodiac: Gemini sun, Libra moon
Children: Not Entered
Education: Not Entered
Occupation: Part time demon
Income: Not Entered

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Lives in Essex, United Kingdom · Born on June 15, 2005

damien's Blurbs

About me:

hiya!! im damien, im 14 and live in the uk! im a scemo enby, furry, weeaboo and rat thats stuck in 2008 xd
im an enfp, gemini and true neutral >.<
my killjoy name is neon rider!
i use they/he pronouns btw!!

discord: serile//paroxysm#0208

Who i'd like to meet :

honestly anyone around my age w/ the same interests as meh, mainly furries, scene/emocore or mychem!! if not ur probs still cool n i would love to meet u anywayz!! ^w^

pfft i dont know how the heck i use this site but i already fuckin love it
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