28 yrs old
Czech Republic

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    Ross Vassilev
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  • Anthony Schartner

    Anthony Schartner
  • Dale Husband

    Dale Husband
  • Henry

  • Tribal Existance Productions Worldwide

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Lives in Czech Republic · Born on January 4, 1993

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Van Rokk
Celtic Bald
The Administrator
Welcome back Klara, like half a year ago I make a booboo, I accidentally deleted a few ppl while deleting bots, not sure if it was you but if it was I'm sry.
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I've heard that story before. Twitter blocked me today saying suspicious activity resembling a bot. Of course it almost two years later than you all are talking about.
  • November 27, 2017
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The Administrator
Well it was like this, I get dozens of bots a day back then, from admin panel I check new members ip, if they are from china it's a 99% chance they are bots, on top of that the ip I check with a database of known spammers from china

That day I checked recent logins instead of new members, the recent ...
  • November 28, 2017
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Woof II
Thank you. :o)
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