Christophorus CoffeeHour

Christophorus CoffeeHour
33 yrs old
United States

Christophorus CoffeeHour's Interests
General Not Entered
Music Oh, I write TONS of music. I'll post some here at some point.
Movies Not Entered
Television Yes, I'm interested in television. Hire me for your writers room. I'll send you spec scripts or whatever if you need them.
Books I wrote a book too. It's in development hell. I'll publish it eventually.
Heroes Not Entered
Christophorus CoffeeHour's Details
Status: Married
Here for: Content creation mostly, but also socializing and working through stuff.
Orientation: Married
Body type: Father figure
Ethnicity: White American
Zodiac: Not useful to you
Children: Yes
Education: Random Colleges
Occupation: Technology related
Income: Not Entered

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Lives in  Oregon United States · Born on August 19, 1987
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