Casey Irene ♥

Casey Irene ♥
24 yrs old
United States

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Status: Engaged
Here for: friends, chat
Orientation: striaght
Body type: more to love
Ethnicity: white
Zodiac: libra
Children: none
Education: high school
Occupation: Not Entered
Income: Not Entered

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Casey Irene ♥

Lives in United States · Born on September 28, 1994

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About me:

You know me name (; 22 year old tiny girl from Los Angeles, California. I'm getting married this September to the love of my life <3 (: I'm moving to oregon in October and I'm super excited! I'm currently trying to get my GED & then going to college but i havent made up my mind about what i want to do yet. I have a crush on Roger Daltrey, & Ashton Kutcher. I'm 5'2 pretty small. I'm just fun sized. I love my two dogs Joey Ramone & Rosie Shepherd Joey is a pit lab mix and rose is a Belgium Shepherd. I'm relatively a happy person but also very emotional, all i ask is that you be nice because i dont put up with drama and i think you should act like an adult and not childish. My family means everything and i recently lost my grandmother who was in my everyday life and i miss her everyday. I fight my battles and ive been through allot but im strong from what has happened to me in the past and hopefully people dont hold my past against me. I love to be kind to people because I have a kind heart but dont take advantage of that please because that happens alot and ill just write you off if needed. I'm a total daddy's girl, my dad is everything to me. I'm a kid at heart but i know how to be grown and i'm proud of that. get to know me if you want (-: message me, comment my pictures, show me some love id like all of that.

Who i'd like to meet :

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Casey Irene ♥
One week to Oregon. Hope you love it. But you really should have moved to Oklahoma, we've got a little bit of everything, but the ocean.
Casey Irene ♥
Casey Irene ♥
Casey Irene ♥
hello (:
Casey Irene ♥
Casey Irene ♥
i dont like it when someone you thought cared about you turns out to an manipulative bitch. go fuck yourself. i literally cut my arm open by accident and you didnt care, when all year you kept coming ...
Casey Irene ♥
Casey Irene ♥
forgot i had this until today. im happy to have it tooo!
Woof II
Welcome back.
  • June 11, 2017
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Casey Irene ♥
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