super bowl sunday 2014

who yall think gonna win the super bowl?
The best defense (Seattle) against the best offense (Denver) a true classic, I think in 90% of the time, the best defense has won but with that said, I don't think the # 1 defense has ever the gone against the # 1 offense and or # 1 "of all time!!!"

It's hard to pic and I will pass on picking a team and save myself the embarrassment and tradition of picking the wrong team 100% of the time lol. srsly, I'm like 0 for 20

Key Match-ups: I have to think it will be Paton Manning vs. Richard Sherman, will staying away from the best corner-back be enough to win? I don't know but I don't think Manning should try Sherman, he might, and if anyone can it would be he, but I just don't think it would be wise and possibly very costly

Conclusion: I don't know, but if Sherman does like he did to San Fransisco, we may never hear the end of Sherman lol
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