Report Scammers & spammers

Report them or if you are not sure message me.

Lets start with Scammers: and I will start with one of the worst, Nigerian Dating Scams, Typically they are Nigerian men in internet cafe's who sign up on social networks with a fake profile photo usually of a pretty girl.

They later ask for money in one form or another in very tricky/innovative ways "you can google "Nigerian Scams" for more info.

Typically their "about me" will be something like this

"The most important thing to me is to achieve my happiness and my love, i want to find a husband and create a great family and i wish to have some one that will be with me till eternity, i need someone that is decent, responsible, caring, trustworthy and honest"

Be cautious ppl, don't give any strangers any important info, play it safe.

Now for Spammers: Typically these are from China, they use bots/software to spam thousands of sites an hour, typically they spam forums or blogs, with for example a sports story with links to whole sale shoes or sunglasses having nothing to do with the story they posted
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