(1)...Basically here you can make suggestions like for example, you can request a category or sub category in the forums, It's in beta so There's probably things to add. Any suggestions would be appreciated.

(2)...If you notice a bug/bugs plz report it here

(3)...Any questions on how something functions you can ask here, for example how to create pages or anything you may not understand having to do with the site and its features

Few things you should know

(a)...Since the site is brand new, when you are signed in and hit home, you will see everyone's feeds, not just friends, as site grown it will be changed like facebook so only your friends will show on feeds but for now this should make it more interesting, but if you want you can play with the privasy settings if you do not want everyone to see you feeds.

(b)...Seems there's a little error in birth dates, for example I set my birth date 1900 and it says my birthday is 1970, working on that fix

(c)...Need to fix how quotes nest, currently pyramid quoting is not working

(d)...Feeds in profiles, they work like facebook but you have to first press the link button so it can generate, cool thing is this too works in these very forums as well as I will now demonstrate
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Hmm I don't know about east, west, north, west, seems like that would be divisive rather than connective, perhaps in the future when I add chat-rooms, there it might work
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I want a separate chatroom for those of us owning Consolidated PBY-6 Catalina's because we truly are deserving of special treatment.

Woo! I'd say! Is it airworthy?
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