30 DAYS of NIGHT (2007)

I watched this again tonight, 30 days of night, how cool must that be, anyways scary movie but what i like the most was the darkness/always night, it's so dark ambient Smile

I dug this one too. Very original and well acted, wasn't as impressed with 30 Days of Night 2...but I still bought it.
Oh fuck, now look what you've just done.
Same, 2 was not as good,

Omg still waiting for silent hill 2, I wonder when they are going to finally release that one, I don't know what's keeping it on hold, I think maybe one of the actors died or something?
Not a clue, I didn't realize they were making part 2. There are currently 2 part 2s that I am dying to see. One is coming out this summer, which is Piranha 3DD and the other one is Dog Soldiers 2. I don't know why the fuck they won't make this movie :-( Part one was the best werewolf movie I've seen in a looong time.
Oh fuck, now look what you've just done.
Cool, I definitely have to watch this werewolf movie if you recommend it, loved the Under World movies but Ive seen them many times, this should be good, the youtube previews look awesome, thanks for the recommendation Smile
I LOVE the werewolves, the FX did good in this one, and there's very very little CGI. It's fast paced and has a rather entertaining story. There are a couple lines in it that are instant classics imo LOL! We'll see if you can spot them.
Oh fuck, now look what you've just done.
I really want to watch another movie like this one, it does not have to be vampires, I just want to see a spooky snowy place since I've never seen snow and it's so hot here,

Anyone have a suggestion on a good spooky movie filmed in cold weather?
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