The evils of Monsanto

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Well here it is:

1.Contaminated chemicals in the air
2.Contaminated chemicals in Water
3.Contaminated chemicals at Food Chain
4.Contaminated chemicals in Ground
5.Contaminated chemicals at home.


We have learn to accelerate death and totally forget to learn how to live.

And all of it is because a few money makers destroying Life and the Planet. It is worst than putting all the wars together.

Let's not argue about Cancer, Diabetes, Asthma, high or low blood pressure etc...

Is all about accepting what we hear on TV, but never do real research to find the why, when and how?

Most of the World will continue paying for Ignorance because it is easier to learn from TV.

We should all strive for life rather than death, because it is why God created Us and it is everyone supreme right to live life healthy.

The whole thing does not make sense.....
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