103 yrs old
United States

C.C.'s Interests
General Anything worth doing. Life is too short to limit your options.

Music Of course! Music hath sounds that charm the savage breast.

Movies Most genres especially: indie films, foreign films, classic films, screwball comedies, Errol Morris documentaries, Nick Park shorts, and yes, I'll admit I love sci-fi & horror films.

Any movie with: Daniel Craig, Benicio Del Toro, Clive Owen, Johnny Depp, Matt Damon, Cary Grant, Gary Cooper, William Powell, Humphrey Bogart, Henry Fonda, John Wayne, Jimmy Stewart, Christian Bale or Denzel Washington, for the obvious reasons.
Television is for prisoners on Death Row
Books I prefer to speak of authors rather than just list books.

P.G. Wodehouse, Evelyn Waugh, Iris Murdoch, Jorge Luis Borges, Italo Calvino, Samuel Beckett, Umberto Eco, Gabriel Garcia Marquez, Salman Rushdie, H.S. Thompson, Stephen Hawking, Philip K. Dick, Oscar Wilde, H.L. Mencken, Robert Anton Wilson, Henry James, & Edith Wharton are among my favorite authors though I have many, many more.

Don Paterson, Isobel Thrilling, W.H. Auden, Shakespeare, Robin Robertson, Czeslaw Milosz, Pablo Neruda, e.e cummings are among my favorite poets.

The Confederacy of the Dunces, by a writer who committed suicide before publishing his one & only book, which is a satirical masterpiece.

Absurdistan, by a writer who thankfully did not commit suicide before publishing his fabulous farce & hopefully will author many more books.

I am always fascinated by: modern history, ancient history, mythology, philosophy
Heroes Those who question the "common" wisdom despite the strong pull of the "popular" culture.

Those who dare to try against overwhelming odds.

Those who don't believe a thing is true just because they see it in print.

Those who think before they react.

Those who can see the gilding beneath the tarnish.
The few, the proud, the strong...

The man I love...
C.C.'s Details
Status: Married
Here for: Grokking.

"I grok people. I am people… so now I can say it in people talk. I've found out why people laugh. They laugh because it hurts so much… because it's the only thing that'll make it stop hurting."
~Robert Heinlein, Stranger In A Strange Land
Orientation: Up
Body type: Arial
Ethnicity: Thetan
Zodiac: Killer
Children: Are for other people
Education: is easily overcome.
Occupation: Life
Income: is welcome.

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Lives in The Hotel, California United States · Born on August 20

C.C.'s Blurbs

About me:

I love to laugh...
I think life should be fun...
Thinking is so delicious to me
I say "Mmm..."
after a particularly tasty thought.

To those who keep banging their heads into that proverbial wall:

Einstein once said, "Insanity: doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results."
So... dare to explore the uncertain outcome or risk both your sanity & your ultimate fulfillment...

Who i'd like to meet :

I'd like to meet people with honest characters, curious minds, and open hearts.

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Celtic Bald
Nice pic. Seen you thru Kim's page. Married? Lucky man.