Prosperity thru Anarchy

I represent myself & others should too. Why do we need someone else to speak for me or you?

We all have our own voices that ring louder than that of a single selfish fraud, an overpaid puff that twists our words to use them against us & exploit for himself. Who do you think he's going to help?

While he revels in the most taboo pleasures of the Marquis de Sade; as he humiliates & gang-rapes us in the ass, without the goddamn decency to even say "Hey, thanks for your cash."

No one speaks for us what we cannot say for ourselves.

No one does for us what we cannot do for each other

No one does for us what we already do for each other

Who was the last politician you saw teaching an unruly classroom day after day for next to no pay?

Who was the last politician you saw laying concrete, putting up road signs, building bridges & repairing thier own buildings for more than a paid press release?

Who was the last politician that put out your fires, picked up your trash, delivered your mail, rushed to your aid & rescued your cat?

Who was the last one that stood in the line of fire defending thier country at home or abroad? In the wars that they created for thier own self-image, to trap us into re-election to finish the mess they started?

Who was the last one that aided the sick & cared for the wounded? That tended to the scars of those they sent to fight thier dumb fight or comforted grandpa as he passed overnight?

Who was the last politician that looked after your children? That taught them to walk & ride thier first bike? That taught them to learn or gave them thier life?

Who made the clothes that you wear on your back? That cooks all your meals & produces your snacks? That produces the cotton & food to buy off the rack?

Who was the one that bravely reached out, pulled you from the rubble & rebuilt your house?

Who gave you reason to get thru the day, as you did all thier work for none of thier pay?

Was it them? Who was it, who?

Who can restore the American way, to have our own voices & have our own say?

It's not politicians, it's folks like me & you.
Pink Mystique
Politicians are a mess that's for sure.
  • January 20, 2014
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