"Wrapping Paper" (poem) 2011


There is beauty to be had

My marks, my color, my size, my shape

My texture, my tone, my movement, my adornment

All this is subject to different judgement

My skills, my strength, my weaknesses, my physical abilities

All subject to my packaging

My body.

I am a person.

I have a body.

A body is not a person.

A person is not a body.

There is beauty to be had

My love, my passion, my motivation, my dreams

My fears, my thoughts, my inhibitions, my judgement 

All this cannot be outwardly defined

My pain, my joy, my pride, my shame

My anger, my intentions, my remorse, my sympathy

All subject to my substance

My self.

I am a person.

I have a self.

 My self is yet a person.

That person is myself.

Me write pretty.
  • July 29, 2013
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Feral Incarnate
wow this is great. I too like to write! Well met :D
  • September 20, 2013
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