Insignificant Empire (***PUBLISHED*** page 29 of Black Hawk VOICES 2011)


**** One of my first published works written for a college poetry class in 2011, published in the yearly issue of BHC Voices, a yearly collection of top-rated writings by current students*****


I say to you, I am Cesar.

Welcome to my home

It may look like just a house to you,

To me it is my Rome

On my windows hang not curtains

Nay, on the rod are pretty togas

For the light & breeze, be ye certain!

A chair this is not,

But my great & mighty throne.

A floor lamp? Nay, a column

My vinyl kitchen floor, made to mimic stone.

Outside you’ll find my chariot, filled with garden dirt

My roses are Cleopatra, & the aphids are her asp

The fence becomes my Coliseum,

The mower is a Gladiator, chopping down the grass

Be not my delusion’s Brutus,

But let me just pretend.

For one second I am something,

More than just a friend.

existential pathos
At times we all evoke the dream of crossing whatever our 'Rubicon' happens to be and hear the heralds loudly declare: 'veni vidi vici' as we enter the gates in glorious triumph.

Hail Caesar!

Very nicely done Lauren
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