Cain (poem) 2010


My brother sleep in such strange place,

he fall so quickly before my eyes

he yelleth not & fight in anger

as I strike him, he merely fall upon the ground

Dare I wake him?

He doth not rise

Doth God bless him with such restful sleep?

It is not fair, my harvest, my work

my pride to offer

My work to be boasted so grand

Yet Father takes a single sheep

What of now, he lazeth more?

Wake up,

how dare he display such sloth

What doth he dream as to rest so deep?

Brother does not stir

Tis only mid-day!

And what of this?

He doth not have effort to snore

How his chest not heave

How his limbs grow stiff

His beating heart I hear no more

Could it be that he is like the lamb?

No more alive

By my doing?

Nay, of His, I trust

Yes, to punish his offer as being weak

For mine is far greater

He give me strength to punish

Yet as he lay forever

I do not feel it just