King Tortoise (poem) 2010


How steadily he walks, never tiring

How does the creature even move

The weight of a world on his back

A grand world from the outside,

Untamed, unpolished, with great hills and mountains

Specked with browns and reds and blacks and golds

A marvelous array of some rare unknown marble

Onward he trudges, one stout leg at a time

Determined soul, no matter how slow

He shall get to where he needs

Though his skin be rough

Like ground sand

Tan and grey



Like a desert

Still beach-bound

For a salted aqua home

A long day’s journey, he returns

Scooting to waves, he finds new ground

Slow mass of shell and rough, no more is he

Gliding wet and free, as if given magical powers

He fades into the cool dark, submersed in his home

Sort of funny how that works

In the grand scheme of things

When given the longest lives

Some creatures take their time

Perhaps that's the secret....we must all learn to take our time..and if we are at peace with ourselves anyplace is home..I enjoyed reading this Lauren.
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