TRP - Dee ~ Muscle-Tussle

Van Halen : Eruption : playz.... Maintaining her aggressive stance,Dee wasted no time climbing my tree to settle onto my stiffening Ardor emoting a languid sigh. Beaming me a sportive grin,she sent her heels out to rest on the Kitchen countertop,locked her hands together behind my neck and commenced a Teeter-Tottering movement where she would haul her Voluptuous body up as if to show off her brawny muscles,then pick random ways to corkscrew,slink,squiggle,wriggle or come crashing down onto the jolley boney..With the latter move gaining ascendancy when I began thrusting up into her free-falling action in a Primal Rut that roused Dee to Whore-Moanal outbursts of exuberant whining every time I bathed her Sex with floods of wrigglers that inevitably wrought reactionary Climaxes from her as we continued to build-up a sweaty head of steam. Meanwhile the Humpahos remained strangely quiet onlookers,seemingly mesmerized by the frequency our Animal-Instinctive grunts,groans,whines and skin-slapping collisions. In truth,the girls were witnessing one helluva Muscle-Tussle and the Degree-of-Difficulty Dee had instilled in her original positioning could not disguise the fact that we were hotly engaged in a Vertical form of Missionary that allowed us to utilize Gravity & Inertia in actions that compelled me to define it as a 'Teeter-Totter' earlier. Having said that,this was clearly a matter of Amorous Sport over Playground Activities for Dee,as she was keenly focused on the nastiest aspects of her Slavish responses to my frequent ejaculations in her snug,slick,searing-hot Sex replete with the incessant whining that our ceaseless Soul-Kiss was unable to muffle. // Drenched in Sweat and other 'Earthy' Scents,Dee broke our lip-lock to beam me a twinkly gaze from the closest of quarters,"I could use a few hits of that Hash they're smoking right about now". Cupping her bunz,I heaved us away from the countertop,Marched the few heavily-laden strides to the forward Lounge,parked Dee's butt on the edge of the Table and shifted my ass back into gear as she wrapped me up in a tight embrace and hung on my ear to chuckle,"I'm so fucking glad that You're the one who's acting like you've been doing without for near-on a year instead of me"..... (Currently Listening To : KIZZ : Alive IV - Symphony)
Topics: Incredastory, Mature