TRP - 'Worthy'

..."Winking and blinking and blowing in my ear".... "Nobody's touched me but me since I got here",Dee admitted in a faint whisper while watching me licking my fingers clean. I took a few seconds to fork the meat away from the Mackerel's ribs before sending my right hand tunneling under the hem of Dee's Hippie-style Peasant Skirt again,"Was that by design"? "Say,what"?,she quizzed. "Did you give up on the Dating Game"? Dee bore a puzzled expression for several longish seconds before answering,"I reckon I did..Seems most Soldier Boys are dumb as rocks,and that's the Last thing I need to deal with",she shuddered and chopped the volume to air another faint whisper,"I copped a Major-League crush on you that's been haunting my dirty dreams ever since the Triple-A Convention". I beamed her a frisky smile,"Tell me more,tell me more". Dee countered with a naughtier smile,"OK..Eyeing your Dick swinging free under those kilts you wear on Stage was a mind-bender I never want to shake free of; The way I figure it,a nice guy with brains and a Unit like yours is worth whatever it takes for me to get you into bed",and having said that,Dee's Sex wet my diddling fingers with a juicy climax as she swept into heaving huffs & puffs,"I want to be 'Yours' more than I've ever wanted anything". "Done Deal",I quipped while pointing my fork at her plate of Chicken,"Eat-up; It's gonna be a long night". Dee panted merrily,"I DO like the sound of that"! // After we'd finished munching Kim escorted Dee the long way around HQ while I toted the bucket of Beers straight through to the Cruisers parked outside my Office's Back Door. Into the Star Cruiser,I cornered Gidget in the forward Lounge,gave her a run-down of Dee's Situation and asked her to find a place for Dee at Kitzingen. This also served to notify the rest of the Humpahos gathered there why I'd broken the 'No Recruiting' Edict we'd all agreed to; They readily accepted that Dee was 'Worthy',and began moving towards the sounds of feet climbing the circular staircase to deliver our Traditional Smoochie-Time greetings to the newbie. Taking my usual station at the end of the line,Dee  shined me an adventurous smile en-route to slipping her long,agile tongue into my mouth,backed me up against the Refrigerator and began working the button-fly of my Levi 501's open while I reciprocated by pushing the elastic waist of her Peasant-skirt South over the firm bulges of her Glorious Black Booty..... (Currently Listening To : ATT Channel 206 : C-Span's Coverage OF AG Barr's Congressional Hearing)
Topics: Incredastory, Mature