TRP - Cut Loose

..."Here's Looking At You"!....  Before I could leave the Dias General Morris & Stuffy stood me to Attention while they exchanged the Rank Insignia on my Epaulets,then presented me with a Service Cap bearing the Gold Braided 'Scrambled Eggs' of a Field-Grade Officer. This extension of the Dog & Pony Show was witnessed by a Select Audience consisting of Representative Claude Pepper of Florida,The Man,Molly De'LaMer and a Photographer from the Army Times,'The Warlord' from Honduras dressed in the Uniform of a Marine Corps Lieutenant-Colonel & my Bodyguards. That was also the orderly chain of Congratulations; Representative Pepper Blah-Blah'ed a few minutes of 'Florida's proud of You,Son' Politico-Speak,then made a quick break to exit the Press Room when the Photo-Op was complete. The Man wanted to buy me a drink,Molly wanted a Story,The Warlord doubled-down on The Man's drink order and my Bodyguards sent me some playfully jabbed elbows as they jostled me while a Female Aide ushered us out of the room. // They were putting us up at the Hay-Adams Hotel,which was only 3 Blocks away from the Visitors' Gate to the White House. The Warlord asked me to take a stroll there with him,so Pearly went with Molly and the Brass in the Limo to watch our Luggage and Cassie,Dana & Jan followed us at a respectful distance. We shared a cordial conversation about Manny & Thereza and how much Pride he felt when he learned she'd Enlisted in the Army the day after Earning her Citizenship. Just short of the Hotel Entrance The Warlord concluded our Family-Talk through a brisk smile,"Woof,you did an Outstanding Job as an Instant-Dad". "Thank you,Sir". "I ain't a 'Sir' to you no more..We same-same,Savvy"? I chuckled while nodding goofily,"I'll catch-on sooner-or-later". // A couple of Celebratory drinks turned into a Celebratory Lunch and after our very fine Dining experience everybody except Molly,who had volunteered to show us around D.C.Town,made polite excuses and hit the road. We were cutting across the Lobby towards the Elevator when the Desk-Clerk called-out,"A Courier delivered a message for you Colonel Simmons"!,then sent a Bell-Hop over with the Manila Envelope. "Thank You". I opened it in the Elevator and disseminated the Gist of my Travel Orders,"We're gonna be here 'til Wednesday Night". Cassie rubbed her hands together,"With Four Months of Back-Pay to blow"!..... (Currently Listening To : The Cars : The Cars)
Topics: Incredastory, Mature