TRP - Rendered Honors

Sir Edward Elgar : Pomp And Circumstance (March No.1 in D-Major) : playz.... Under-cover of the Courtly Introductions,Lieutenant-General 'Stuffy' Smith made a stealthy,crouching approach onto the Dias,slipped behind our File and forced the other Generals to side-step to the right as he squeezed-in beside me. I tightened up again when the Dog & Pony Show began and President Regan read the first General's list of Career Achievements which qualified him to be awarded the Legion of Merit(Officer's Degree) upon the occasion of his Retirement. The Legion of Merit is a 'Neck Order'; The only other U.S. Military Award to carry that Distinction being the Congressional Medal Of Honor. And this was the First Honor to be bestowed?..I'm here to testify that there are times when a vivid imagination is a Curse! As the cavalcade of Retiring General Officers being rewarded for Careers of Faithful Service churned on and on,my mind wandered through a few highs & Many different low scenarios concerning Involuntary Retirement that subsequently proved to be a blessing in a torturous disguise as Time seemed to pass very swiftly before I snapped back to the Here-and-Now when Stuffy shot me a wink while returning to his Station beside me. I was called forward,and true to the clue I'd been given by General Morris,President Regan read the Citation awarding me the Joint Service Achievement Medal for the Speedy & Efficient Implementation of the 'Friendly Skies' Doctrine. Immediately following that Medal being pinned on my chest President Regan read the History of my other ATC Achievements into the Record before slipping the Legion Of Merit(Legionnaire Degree) around my neck,then returned to the Podium and Recited Chapter-and-Verse concerning his Rights as Commander-in-Chief for granting me a Merit-Based Promotion to Lieutenant-Colonel before launching into a reading of the Orders that originated at his Desk. The Dog & Pony show ended with another barrage of Flash-Bulbs and a Standing Ovation before the Press-Room was called to,"ATTENTION"!,for the Presidential Entourage's departure. Stuffy was quick to make the clasp with me,thumping me soundly on the shoulder as he did so,"I damn-near shit myself when I heard you'd been shot..God must Love you,Woof"! "I believe he does,Sir",I conceded as I felt a flush rush to my cheeks...... (Currently Listening To : Mostly Autumn : The Story So Far... {Live})
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