TRP - Stunned Mullet

Van Halen : Cathedral : playz.... During our Limo Ride to Washington I was pleased to have witnessed The Man taking care of 'Corporate' Business; Jan was Promoted to GS-13. Cassie was advanced to GS-12. The Jessica's(Though not Present) & Pearly were bumped-up to GS-11's and Dana made the largest jump of them all as she advanced from the Trainee pay-scale of WG-5 to earning her Special Agent Badge and wages of a GS-9...All my Bodyguards would receive back-pay requisite to their Promotions as of 01 June. The Man had a customized way of showing his appreciation,"..for the contributions you and your so-called 'Shit Magnet' have made to the number of Notable Arrests..",my Bodyguards had Chalked-up by offering me a Blank Check redeemable at the FBI's Property Disposal Yard. // 1050hours: Traffic in D.C. took us off-schedule so that there was little time than to do more than shed my 'Travel' Jacket,empty my Shoulder Holsters & slip into my Class-A 'Dress Inspection' Jacket at the Limo's trunk before being ushered into the White House. A gaggle of High-Brass were mingling in the hall outside a Press-Room where The Man introduced me to Lieutenant-General Thompson,Inspector-General of the Army. Nudging his way in to shake my hand immediately after it left the clasp with General Thompson,Brigadier-General Morris,President of the Army Aviation Association affably gave me the first clues to why I was there,"I don't believe anybody but you could've come up with the idea of improving our Civil-relations with the Germans for the price of some paint and a few Surplus Radio-Masts". "It was hard to ignore my neighbors complaining about the high number of our Helicopters that were overflying their Churches,Sir. There were far too many of our Visual Reporting Points that were concentrated over built-up areas. The German Countryside has plenty of Natural Features that were suitable replacements for Bridges,Church-Steeples and the like". General Thompson made a thoughtful nod,"Something tells me that listening to your Neighbors was the Trick every ATC Battalion Commander before you missed". A White House Aide stepped into the Hall at that point,called 4 General Officers & myself aside and filed the rest of the Brass & Visitors into the Press-Room. I caught my first shiver when another Aide issuing our Marching Orders onto the raised Dias behind the Podium assigned me to lead the File; In-place to receive the Highest Honors. I became a Stunned Mullet in the face of so many flash bulbs,and I nearly talked myself into puking wishing I'd had something more substantial than Coffee & Danish for Breakfast before the room was called to,"Attention!..",and the President's Entourage entered the Room during a recitation of their Formal Introductions. I immediately felt a great deal of Gastrointestinal relief at being saved by 'Military Bearing'..... (Currently Listening To : YES : Yessongs)
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