TRP - Order Of Precedence

..."He blinked and the sky moved ever-so-slightly"....  Andrews Air Force Base,0920hours EST: Donning my shades before descending the Air-Stairs,I was Greeted by a Honcho who stretched out his hand,quipping,"He who makes Kittens". I shook his hand warmly,"Makes Snakes In the Grass". He spanned into a deep grin,"Glad to meet ya,Woof. I'm known as 'The Man',and I bear tidings of great joy". It didn't sound so great at first; I was denied the satisfaction of watching Mark Stern's face fall flat when I popped his Pretty Balloon...Again. The Powers-That-Be were upset because Stern had an inside line on Classified Information concerning the movement of Aircraft attached to the 89th Military Air Wing,who were responsible for Transporting VIPs; Including Foreign Heads-of-State. He'd clearly 'Infiltrated' the 89th,as was made plain by the manner in which he exploited Julie's Fashion Model Fantasies to obtain the Cheesecake Photos he was aiming to release prior to my arrival at the White House. Secondary to that,though a Stiff Felony Offense on it's own Rights,the FBI's case against Stern also revolved around Classified Information that he'd managed to obtain from the supposedly 'Secure' Military FAX Network..My Individual Movement Orders had not been transmitted on the Air Force's Channels. The JetStar's Crew on Stand-By Status at Frankfurt were Alerted for Movement. The Pilot & Co-Pilot had received a Point-to-Point Flight-Plan,but had no idea Who they were supposed to Transport..But Stern Was in possession of that knowledge and he weaved his fucked-up plan to embarrass me before Julie had left her Quarters. Ranking far below those National Security breaches were the pair of Goofy Photos Julie,my Bodyguards & I posed for holding hastily-scribbled Cardboard & Magic-Marker signs; The first one reading 'BUSTED'! and the second of stick-figure-sex comically depicting,'Don't Drop The Soap,Pretty-Boy'! 'The Man' enjoyed the laugh he had and asked if he could make a few copies top pass around the Office...... (Currently Listening To : Sweet : Desolation Boulevard) 
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