TRP - 'Cheesecake'

..."She's making movies 'On Location'. She don't know what that means".... 1845hours: I was not amused when we stepped into Flight Ops at Rhein-Main AFB and had a Centerfold-Grade Hottie who was dressed in a Sexually Suggestive Caricature of an Air Force Lieutenant's Uniform introduce herself,"I'm Julie,your Flight Attendant",pounce and hug me for a Civilian Photographer who's Camera began ticking-off the pictures while 'Julie' attempted to haul my face around for a Kiss. I brusquely pushed her away and turned to Jan,"Don't let them out of here",then snapped my fingers,pointed at the phone and gruffly Ordered the gawking Senior Airman,"Put me through to the Staff Duty Officer". He acted like I was pulling some kind of Prank until I handed the phone back to the Senior Airman,"Describe her Uniform to him". There was something about the Airman's words,"..Mini-Skirt..Fishnet Stockings..Spiked Heels..No Blouse under her Uniform Jacket and a Big Gold Coke-Spoon right between her Ta-Ta's...You heard that right Sir; A Big Gold Coke-Spoon right between her Ta-Ta's",that impressed the initially dismissive Captain on the other end of the land-line to assure me; "I'll be right there to look into the Situation,Major". Jan decided it was best to separate Julie and the Photographer,so she & Dana escorted her outside into the frigid night air while I took her seat beside the Photographer,"Who do you work for"? "I know my rights. I don't have to say shit",he snipped. "I don't work for Law-Enforcement",I informed him through a wicked grin,"So,you see,I'm not bound by the niceties of Community Standards; If you don't start talking I'm gonna show you the Real Nasty side of 'Legal Entanglements' like buying-up the Outstanding Debts of all your Family and Friends just so that they can have you to blame for losing everything they worked their entire lives for...Savvy"? If looks could kill I'd have been simultaneously Electrocuted,Shot by Firing-Squad,Crucified and Lynched by the Photographer's cold-blooded stare,"I owed Mark Stone some favors". "The same Mark Stone that got fired from AFN"? "The same". I slapped his thigh en-route to pushing-up onto my feet,"Congratulations on saving your Granny's House from Foreclosure". // We posed for 2 additional Pictures before the FBI Agents Jan called on hauled the Photographer off to their Labs to have the film processed & Pictures Faxed to Mark Stone..Minus the extra 2 Frames we'd posed for. Julie actually was an Air Force First-Lieutenant listed on the Fight Manifest as a 'Hospitality Aide'. She had aspirations of becoming a Fashion Model,and her Pay-off for participating in the Cheesecake Photo-Session at Flight Ops was to have been a Portfolio of Glamorous Photo-Shoots to further her Post-Military aims. The Staff Duty Officer Ordered her into Proper Military Uniform before allowing her to board the VC-140B(Lockheed Jetstar VIP Transport.) assigned to Transport us to Andrews AFB.(Her 'Home Base'.)... (Currently Listening To : Various Artists : We're a Happy Family - A Tribute To Ramones) 

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