TRP - "With any Luck"? ~ Finale`

..."Ohhh,I - Ohhh,I - Well,I can't get enough of that sweet stuff my little Lady gets behind"....  Feet could be heard moving into the Man Cave when Anne rapped on the bedroom door,"Just wanted to let you know the Kids have gone home". "Thanks for the info",I replied,then quietly informed Theresa,"It'll take 'em about Three minutes to pick the lock",as I returned to nibbling on her neck. Squirming nervously beneath me,my newly acquired 'Brown Sugar' buried her face in a pillow before issuing a muffled request,"Please don't let 'em stop you"? "Cock-Blocking is a Cardinal Sin among the Humpahos..But I wouldn't be surprised if they made us the Main Attraction for a Circle-Jerk". The girls broke-in on us shortly thereafter,Gidget yipping,"Prone Bone! Pay-Up,Bitches"!,and the losers handed over their wagers to Gidge as they retreated,leaving Bell Jones behind,"The guys brought you a Teletype from Signal Command Headquarters". "Put it on the nightstand". "No-Way,Bubba",Belle commenced to read a Transportation Itinerary that had me boarding a MAC(Military Airlift Command) Flight at Rhein-Main Air Force Base at 2000hours; Destination,Andrews AFB,Maryland..En-Route to an 1100hour Appointment Monday Morning at 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue,Washington,D.C. "Does Jan Know"? "Yup". Theresa growled,"Is this a Joke"? Belle held the Teletype close,"Sorry,T". Theresa scanned the document,glanced at her watch(1425hours),then shrugged,"WoW..OK..Time to run,B'wana". "B'wana"?,Belle chuckled merrily,"Besides what's plain-enough to see; What's gotten into you,Nigga"? "I made a wish for a Dirty White Boy,then got Cum-Drunk and sold myself to the Horny Motherfucker". // I talked Belle into packing my best set of Winter Class-A's into a Hangar Bag while I made quick work of gluttonously Feasting on Creampie before hustling into the Shower with Theresa. While in the steamy stall,Jan came in to discuss our travel plans to Frankfurt,resulting in a decision to bypass the shitty road conditions and fly-in aboard Skymaster 2(HB-L-WUF2),which was fitted with De-Icing equipment. The Practical Upshot of that decision brought Theresa to a giggly state of Sexcitement when I made a gratuitous grab for her goodies while announcing,"One more for the road"..... (Currently Listening To : YES : Tales From Topographic Oceans)
Topics: Incredastory, Mature