TRP - "With any Luck"? ~ Act 5

..."Feels like the first time".... I enjoyed piecing-together the Puzzle otherwise known as Theresa. It wasn't that she had any problems with lubricants in-general; Theresa simply didn't want anything to do with the Numbing properties of our 'Anal-Eze'. She was a vociferous advocate of my move to use her Natural Juiciness to slip through her O-ring,afterwards becoming much quieter as our wet skin slapped together in lusty rhythm quite at odds with Theresa's brawny Climactic Spasms which were short-circuiting my attempts at maintaining Control. My first eruption caused her to push off from the wall while hissing,"Now all'a way out and all'a way back in"!,and my immediate compliance had her shaking mightily while pulsating floods of Female Ejaculate splattered on the Tiles..Crushing Pulsations which made me factually 'See Stars' as I sped through rarefied Ether gushing high-velocity skeets in Slave-like submission to Theresa's Anal Milking Machine; Which came close to unlocking the Biological Key to attaining Perpetual-Motion before she exhausted a great wheeze and passed out in my arms. // She stirred awake while I was in the final stages of cleaning up a mess I would have Loved to Feast upon if Theresa had maintained consciousness. "Are you alright,Hun"? She rolled onto her side and patted my thigh,"Alright?..Man,my mind was like blown clear out'a my fuckin skull",then proceeded to reach around and put a fond,finger-tip stroke on the boney,"Do you always shoot that much Spooge"? "Nope,Never; That was a Magic Moment for the Record Book",I admitted freely. Theresa beamed me a Coquettish smile,"Does my Slutty Buddy have anything left in the Tank"? I responded to her taunt by flexing the boney stiff while her twinkling eyes morphed into 'Egyptian' Almond shapes witnessing it's rapid rise to Attention,"Buy me". "Buy you what"? "Buy ME! I'm putting my ass on the Auction Block. Gimme a Bid". "If you're interested in making a Trade I can offer you the Title to a very low-mileage 1981 Porsche 930 Turbo-Carrera"? "Holy?..Are You Serious"!? "Totally worth it",I followed-through suavely,"Hun,I wasn't far from passing-out when you went limp". After a thoughtful pause she waved it off,"Too Much. I wanna play this like I'm a Cheap Whore". "Whore's don't get Bought; They get Rented",I pointed out through a wise-cracking grin,"I believe a good Sex-Slave is worth 20times her weight in Porsche". Theresa fixed me in a steady stare,"I ain't into any Torture-Chamber shit". "We respect the fact that everybody has different limits. If you feel uncomfortable just say 'Uncle' and everything comes to a screeching halt..No questions asked". "Then I reckon I only got one more question to ask you; Are you intending to keep-on taking me for Bare-Back Rides"? "Every chance you give me",I leered lustily,"And if you decide you don't want to give me the chance there's a pretty Naughty collection of French Ticklers in the Nightstand and hundreds more to choose from at the Eros Centrum". She reached up to deliver a dainty slap on my cheek,"You bought yourself a Sex-Slave"..... (Currently Listening To : Lynyrd Skynyrd : One More From The Road {Live})
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