TRP - "With any Luck"? ~ Act 4

..."Fat-bottomed girls,you make the Rockin' World go 'round...Get on your Bikes and ride"!.... Although she'd been free with Aural clues ranging from sharply gasping intakes of breath to Howling expressions of Whore-Moanal glee,Theresa kept her lips zipped until I made a move to shift positions and she shook free from me airing a Crisply-Ordered,"NO"! "I was just gonna.." "Look Man..",she began harshly,then took a deep breath and found a more hospitable tone to make a fresh start with,"Look,Man; I'm digging every-last-thing you're doing and I Know you know that. What you don't know is that I'm getting Thrills-a-Minute not knowing what's coming next,so you just keep-on keeping-on and I'm gonna stick to this real-fucking-comfy kind'a 'Doggy'". I rewound as well,"Hun,I was just gonna put your knee up on the cushion so your arms can take a break,'cause you don't look all that comfortable to me". Chuckling,"Oops!..Yeah,OK,I get the picture",as her left leg rose,I took a festive face-dive to clamp my lips around her nubbins,then set to flogging it's pointy tip with the rough surface of my tongue,rousing Theresa to emote a sultry-smooth,"That's exactly what I was talking 'bout; Thanks for listening". // Some surprises are good,and some aren't. Both cases came into play when I led Theresa into the Bathroom for Chores,which she praised on grounds of Good Hygiene,but later declined the application of numbing-lube,"..because you've been too-damn-nice to me". "You could've said something before now",I countered. "Before Now I wasn't so sure you had ANY aims to fuck me",she returned through a wayward smile,"You got me so wound-up I need it as raw as you can dish-it-out",and with that confession aired,she turned to face the Tiles and put her Backfield in Motion to punctuate her firm declaration,"There's a 'Dirty White Boy' in you that you ain't let me see yet..He knows how to treat this ass". "Yes he does",I confirmed while wrapping her in a naughty,form-fitting embrace from the rear that had the boney set on a gliding course through the lower range of Happy Valley to collect lubricants from her dewy labes and my hands kneading her hefty Hooterz as I sent a heated whisper into her right ear,"The other girls call him,'Slutty Buddy'". "Sounds perfect",she thrummed faintly..... (Currently Listening To : Evanescence : Fallen)
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