TRP - "With any Luck"? ~ Act 3

..."Don't say a Prayer for me now. Save it 'till the Morning after".... Theresa was on the verge of chalking-up a number of 'Firsts',and warmly welcomed the honesty that allowed me to voice,"Before,During AND After",prior to launching my tongue on a wriggling exploration of her hitherto un-kissed Cootchie. Her Love-Life had been stuck in an unpleasant rut because of her preference for 'Dumb Guys' who either lacked the creativity to divulge from Standard Dating Practices or conversely tried to rush Theresa's Voluptuous Black Body into their favorite scenes from Pornographic Magazines & Movies. There was a quirky twist to this Pornographic situation that Theresa found to be," emancipating factor..",in that,operating independently from one-another,first Doctor Babs,then Belle Jones & Anne had taunted her with distinctly different Female perspectives on the single concept of sharing me. In that same vein,Theresa was thrilled that Anne had set the scene for her,and to a large degree those thrills extended to embrace the fact that I was also content following Anne's lead; This was a new sort of Wickedness that Theresa had never encountered before,and she became content to have it play-out while adopting a patiently compliant/submissive 'Wait and See' attitude. The wait wasn't long,as I was supremely motivated by the sight,smells,tastes & feverish temperature of Theresa's Netherlands to make her initial foray of Hosting my Feasting Fetish a time to remember. Those initial motivations were swiftly overtaken by the awe-inspiring discovery that her fleshy,thick-lipped Venus Mound and prominently protruding clitty-hood provided perfect Camouflage for the Junior Miss-sized Sex Theresa possessed. Tapping bottom with the tip of my tongue on it's first exploratory pass wrought Orgasmic carnage upon my Voluptuous Paramour,who promptly scampered away to flop face-first onto the Sofa when her shaky legs gave out a step short of reaching it. Questioning,"Are you OK,Hun"?,as I closed the range on her,Theresa's non-verbal response of prying her butt cheeks apart was a statement lecherous enough to invite my slithering tongue back into the lividly Lavender parting of her Freshly-Juiced Sexcitement. Squeaking,squealing and ultimately sobbing as she was rapidly consumed by the Squirts while I tickled her Cervix with every intent to lavish her with 'Tender,Loving Care',Theresa fairly melted-down until the only firmness she displayed was her determination to maintaining the openness of Happy Valley..... (Currently Listening To : Loverboy : Loverboy Classics)
Topics: Incredastory, Mature