TRP - "With any Luck"? ~ Act 2

..."Some they will and some they won't and some you just can't tell".... Theresa gained much insight from Anne's instructional Pillow-Talk and forceful treatment of me during our first installment of 'Sneaky Sex'. The revelation that we'd made a Game of hiding our activities from Anne's Kids while making no attempt to shield them from her sight roused Theresa to a Voyeuristic fit of diddling herself to a huffing-puffing frenzy of Climactic release before returning to her Coffee airing a relaxed confession that her cootchie had never been kissed. "He'll spoil you rotten for it in no-time-flat",Anne returned prior to canting my head back while rising to her full height,"Give her your best while I'm gone". When she released her grip on my hair I laid a pair of smacky kisses on her pale butt cheeks,then followed her upright and hauled her back onto the stiff rise of my Levis,"I can't let ya go yet,Hun". Anne made a swift turn around to capture me with her twinkling eyes & smile,"Love ya for sayin things like that",as she peeled the Button Fly open and rushed my Jeans down to my knees before once again adopting her favorite fold-over Position,"Giddyup-Go"! // Bare feet slapping the floor as she hustled to answer Anne's call to come and take her place,Theresa engaged me with a frisky Soul-Kiss as Anne quite literally 'Handed me Off' to the newbie by guiding her to a long-stroking wank of the Sloppy Seconds she'd left on the boney,"He's all yours". Theresa broke our lip-lock to acknowledge,"All Mine",then dropped her eyes to survey her slimy handiwork with a lecherous smile gaining ascendancy as she shifted into a trembling bout of grinding against my right thigh until she was sliding easily along the snail-trails her supremely lubricated Cootchie left in it's wake,"Are you gonna make me Order you 'round,or what"? "Or what",I responded glibly while kneading her muscular bunz to increase the intimacy of our 'Dirty Dancing' stance,"Anne told you to take her place..So we'll start there". Her trembles returning as Theresa studied my face at close range,"Lickety Slit"? "Before,During AND After",I unveiled,causing a rapid unfurling of Theresa's Freak-Flag as she turned away from me and replicated Anne's Un-Ladylike Fold-Over without any hesitation; "Bon Appetite"! "Bon Chance"!(fr = Good Luck),Anne sniggered on the move towards the door..... (Currently Listening To : Queens Of The Stone Age : Songs For The Deaf)
Topics: Incredastory, Mature