TRP - "With any Luck"? ~ Act 1

..."Flesh! (Flesh!) Flesh for Fantasy".... Taking advantage of the unexpected opportunity,Anne spent a few hours playing with the Humpahos before swinging by the Hobby Haven to collect her kids. She bore a heady perfume of Salty Sweat and Sex with Allison & Nicca which I was totally unable to resist,so I ushered her into the Man Cave using the premise of a Confidential Chat and entered into a hungered rush to collect the Steamy Creampie Anne was freakishly kind enough to deliver. Shining me a glittering 'Colgate' smile as she kicked out of her Boots & Snow-Suit,Anne pirouetted while making a very Un-Ladylike fold at the waist to waggle her tail feathers invitingly. 'Th-Thwack'!,I landed twinned underhand swats to the globes of her butt which bore Pinkish hints of prior spanking,mauling open Happy Valley as I hustled into a face-dive while easing onto my knees. Her inverted face appearing to giggle a charming challenge,"How 'bout I hang around so we can play 'Sneaky Fuck'"?,Anne's feet shuffled out to adopt a wider stance a moment before she swayed into reverse,bowing me back to a subservient position suitable to match the dominantly whispered tones of her Potty-Mouthed Order,"Tell me what'cha Woof-nose smells". "Gobs of Dud Cum spoiling our chances for an October Pregnancy",I candidly replied before taking a waggish detour to claim the fresh leakage oozing from Anne's gaping pooter. Gasping,"Yeah,I know I fucked-up letting them go first",Anne resumed her horizontal fold with the addition of hands braced on her sturdy thighs,"But I Honestly Couldn't Wait to try the Tribe's new Dick on for size". // We hadn't finished clearing the Duds from Anne's Chamber when Theresa emerged from the bedroom and,seemingly oblivious to our presence,took a yawning,stretching,butt scratching stroll into the Kitchen to start a Pot of Coffee..Before she proved to be paying us but the slightest degree of casual attention,"Where do y'all keep the Coffee Cups"? Anne chuckled,"In the Cabinet up to your right",while reaching back to grab a handful of hair and haul my retreating face back to Feast upon her,"Sorry,we were trying not wake you up". "Nah,don't worry,ya didn't",Theresa piddled about finding a Spoon & Sugar,then drew a plastic Milk bottle from the Fridge which she opened and sniffed,"Where did this Milk come from"? "Prolly the Mom-Squad",Anne informed the newbie with a cheerful lilt,"Woof's Favorite Kinks are concentrated around Motherhood". "Really"?,Theresa inquired before taking a taste-test. "Yeah,it gets me worked-up too",Anne continued her friendly expose` despite the distraction of a shivering Climax,"With any luck he'll be Milking me come Summer". "With any Luck"?,Theresa echoed before being consumed by a bout of the giggles,"I've always considered myself lucky Not getting Pregnant"..... (Currently Listening To : Blue Oyster Cult : Extraterrestrial Live)
Topics: Incredastory, Mature