TRP - 'Nearly Unanimous'

..."And now,for something completely different".... Another of our 'It's A Small World' scenarios came into play when we stepped through the Playhouse's Vestibule toting our Bakery purchases and Belle Jones passed me by to greet Theresa,"Finally found him,hunh"? "Say what"? Chuckling wryly,Belle took her back in time,"Remember that night I came back from Pass covered in rust"? "Whooooooah",Theresa did recall the incident from Basic Training,"It didn't occur to me that he might be That Simmons; Nope,never made the connection until this very minute". That's all I caught between them before being swept-up in Smoochie-Time followed by an extended bout of 'Show & Tell' focusing on the ugly pair of multi-hued Bruises I wore Home. // The Second Chapter of Show & Tell involved the miniature plants Babs & I produced. The Humpahos were nearly unanimous with belated forms of envy over the Custom-Built accessories for Doll Houses that they had outgrown years ago. 'Nearly Unanimous' did not include Gidget & Patrika,Creative/Crafty Geniuses who shared an opinion that Katrina's Barbie House could be Totally Customized to suit her tastes. Gitte was quick to join the Project,bringing her keen eye for Scale Model detailing and working knowledge of our Dremel-Tool Workshop to bear. As an Instigator,it didn't seem right for me to sit on the sidelines,and,as I had cause to call on Katrina to fire the Clay Miniatures in her Easy Bake Oven,I opted to tag-along with the Trio mentioned above as they sought to place their Redecorating Proposal before Barbie's 11year old 'Landlord'. // On our way out of the Playhouse Theresa shouldered her Backpack,scooped up the sacks of groceries she'd gathered from our Larder and hit me with a playfully bouncy hip-check while slipping her left hand in the left rear pocket of my Levis,"Belle says I should angle to crash in your Man-Cave". "It's next door to where we're gonna be working on the Doll House,so it might get a little noisy and it'll probably be smelling like Glue and Paint..But I've got no problems with it if you don't". Theresa gave my butt a frisky squeeze,"I just come off a 12hour Shift. I doubt if anything short of an Atom Bomb could faze my snoozin". // The basic Redecorating plan was to paint-over the many items that were printed on the Doll House walls and replace them with a Miniature Fireplace,Pictures in Frames,Shelves & etc. Patrika was there to tackle the Fabrics,and set to work snipping a couple of Baby-Doll Nighties up to produce strips of Black & Pink Lace for Trim,Miniature Doilies and the like,saving the sheer Sections for Curtains & to replace the unfashionably ugly plastic Canopy on Barbie's 4-Poster Bed. Gidget initially tackled the TV Set,which would eventually be back-lit by a Model Railroad 'Pea Bulb' to shine through Clear sheets of plastic designed to hold Photographic Slides. Gitte & I took to the Dremel-Tools,Beveling and Routering sections of Basswood to be turned into Door,Window & Picture Frames,Shelves and Ceiling-edge 'Crown Molding'. Andrew,who had joined our Redecorating Project without delay,was getting busy masking-off the Doll House's interior prior to laying down the first coats of Paint,while Katrina went through some old Magazines clipping out Pictures she liked to see hanging on Barbie's Walls.... (Currently Listening To : Van Halen : Van Halen II)
Topics: Incredastory, Mature