TRP - Icebreaker ~ Charlie

..."On my way home,I remember good times".... The Germans are Practical People,and many of their Laws are reflections of that. People filing for Unemployment Compensation are put to work on menial Public Works Details such as picking up Litter,scrubbing the grime off of Street Signs,Roadside Markers & etc. On this Frosty & Misty Morning in the Main River Valley a Work-Gang was deployed to clear Ice from the Bridge connecting Sommerhausen and Winterhausen using Ice-Picks,Sledgehammers & Shovels. It didn't take much negotiating to convince the Foreman that our 'Icebreaker' provided a speedier method of re-opening the Closed Bridge,so his Gang moved the 'Gefahrliche Strasse'(Dangerous Road) Barriers aside and swarmed-in behind us to shovel the accumulated layers of Frozen Fog over the railings while we made a few crunchy laps to grind both Lanes down into easily-managed chunks. We received a raucous round of cheers from the Work-Gang as we trundled off through Winterhausen towards the Fuchstadt Cut,which had a more gradual gradient to climb than our standard and more direct path to exit the Valley VIA the Darstadt Cut. This route had the added benefit of passing by Winterhausen's Bakerei,which earned about 200 Deutsch Marcks of extra income during a Curbside Pit-Stop providing us with assorted Breads,Pastries,Pies & 5kilos each of 10x Confection Sugar,Potato Pancake Mix and Eiernudeln Mehl.(Semolina Flour blend for making Egg Noodles.) // The quantities involved prompted Babs & Theresa to start asking questions,which led Jan to turn the stereo off so She & Cassie could assist Educating the newbies. I enjoyed the female perspectives my Bodyguards shared while tackling the ticklish questions concerning Population,which seemed to fit-in with where Babs' head was even while Theresa was turning squirmy in her seat hearing terms such as 'Humpaho','Mom-Squad' & 'Safe Circle' being bandied about. It wasn't long before Cassie negotiated the Fuchstadt Cut and brought the Reservation into view,with talk turning to the guys living in the Village of quirky Cabins beyond the walls of the Female Enclave. This was my first vision of Woofhausen wearing a dusting of Snow,and I'm not ashamed to admit that I felt a surge of Pride taking-in the Idyllic Scene I'd Sponsored and taken the Lead-Role in Planning; It looked and felt right,as if Woofhausen had every Right to belong in the Picturesque Landscape.... (Currently Listening To : Kraftwerk : Autobahn)
Topics: Incredastory, Mature