TRP - Icebreaker ~ Bravo

Gary Hoey : Let It Snow,Let It Snow,Let It Snow : playz.... The VAB-SAN's toasty-warm interior was packed to 'Squatting Room Only' capacity and there were about a dozen Medicos sitting atop the roof as we took a crunchy Curb-Crawl along Leighton Barracks' empty Main Street. I was unaware that Theresa was among the roof riders until we were unloading passengers at the Medical Barracks. From earlier chit-chat I knew she wasn't scheduled for Duty until 2000hours Monday Night,so I invited her to Party with us at the Reservation. Theresa wasn't too fond of that idea at first,but I pressed her with options including a Cozy little 1bedroom Guest Cabin with a Bathtub & Fireplace where her Privacy would be respected,a decent selection of 'Dumb Guys' if she chose not to be respected,plus the best of Home cooked Meals,Munchies & Party Supplies. She beamed me a briskly frisky smile,"A Bathtub,ya say"? "I did". Theresa glanced at her co-workers trudging towards the Barracks,nodded and asked,"Can you gimme about Five to pack a Bag"? "We'll backtrack to pick you up after dropping the rest of our Hitchhikers off at Family Housing". "Yeah,that works much better for me",Theresa opined as she turned to trail the trudging Medics inside while taking significantly livelier strides. // Theresa was waiting out of the wind beside the Bowling Alley when we returned for her,a sassy smile playing on her lips as she hustled aboard the VAB-SAN,took the fold-down Canvas seat beside mine and leaned into me,"I made arrangements to swap Duty unless it's gonna stretch your Hospitality to put up with me kickin-back until Tuesday Night"? "Not a stretch",I returned favorably a second before she unzipped her parka to offer me a teasing peek of her bare breasted magnificence; "Good..That'll gimme plenty of time to decide if you're gonna be my first White Boy",drew the zipper up and met my rising eyes with a sporty wink,"OK..When you're gonna be my first White Boy"...... (Currently Listening To : Gerry Rafferty : City To City) 
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