TRP - Icebreaker ~ Alpha

..." We gotta get out of this place if it's the last thing we ever do".... Sunday Morning: A good night's sleep had me feeling Much better. Without undue effort I was able to keep the ball suspended in my Lung-Capacity Exerciser at the '1000' mark for 30seconds,which prompted Nurse Theresa to Test my Oxygen Intake and then conduct a Blood-Draw on hopes(Mostly Mine.) of verifying that my Lungs were indeed doing their part to fuel my Biological needs before releasing me to attend Mass in the Hospital's Chapel. Arriving at the Stained-Glass Alcove escorted by Cassie & Jan,Assistant Chaplain Garcia was buoyantly surprised to see me up & about,as the only News to reach the Rectory was the true,albeit incomplete Report that I'd survived being shot in the back at close-range. In the Confessional he was tweaked to break Protocol and quiz me on omitting any reference to the Gun-Fight I'd engaged-in. "To my mind it was a fairly simple matter of preventing the bad guys from Killing the good guys. If you feel there are any Sins associated with that I stand ready to be corrected". The Padre gave ground on those points,resumed Ecumenical Course and did not burden me with an inordinate amount of Penance. // The Lab-Work verifying that I had indeed passed the ABG(Arterial Blood Gas) Threshold,the Duty Doc was Examining my bruised ribs prior to signing my Release Forms when Babs be-bopped into my room quizzing,"Are you gonna Parole him in time for me to treat him to a decent Breakfast"? "Sooner than I can get past this jealousy",he quipped prior to clicking his Pen to produce a series of flourished Autographs. After handing me the Walking Papers he snapped his Pen closed and waggled it at Babs,"Oh,and if you do manage to find a decent Breakfast Pleeeease tell me where they've been hiding"? // Gidget got her wish for Snow; Unfortunately it was in the form of Picturesque Propaganda for a corner of the world that had turned Icy-Slick & Diamond-Hard. Many of the Hospital Staff scheduled for Shift-Change were delayed by Relief's that were forced to walk to work because the Roads at Leighton Barracks(Home of the Wurzburg Army Hospital.) had been declared Condition Red..And,as a practical matter that made a mockery of the Bureaucratic decision to Close the Roads,many of the Cars in the Employees parking lot were either frozen to the Pavement and unable to break free from Winter's Steely Grip and/or unwilling to join the first Revolutionary Soul to challenge the Icy Conditions with his 4wd Pick-up & Snow-Chains only to find himself trapped in a very embarrassing and expensive game of 'Bumper Cars'. The VAB-SAN did not share the Faults of Mere Motor-Cars. It came Standard-equipped with a 400 Horse-Power Diesel and an Options Package of Military-Grade 20mm(3/4inch +) Spiked Snow Chains that allowed it to function fairly effectively as a 14metric-tonne Icebreaker. Having said that; There was no way we were going to challenge Gravity and Friction on the steeply sloped Civilian Road(s) that led to Leighton's Main Gate. Unfortunately for the Officers residing in the BOQ,our best way out was East-Gate,which led us past the Enlisted Medical Barracks & Family Housing Complex En-route to Winterhausen. We traded some of the folks trudging Eastbound along the Tundra Trail a ride Home for help installing our Cleats,a Deal they were glad to make and a Chore they were quick to accomplish..... (Currently Listening To : RUSH : Exit Stage Left)   
Topics: Incredastory, Mature