TRP - Pub-Crawl ~ Renaissance ~ two

..."Now we're gonna go back...Way back into time".... Half a Lucky Strike later the Hostess emerged and flicked at one of the bells on my Jester Cap,"This bonnet Will-not-Do,Milord",swapped her frown for a broad,dimpled smile and held out a wire-framed Crown bearing the Renaissance Festival's Heraldic Logo. "I got this",Cassie chuckled as she swept the Cap off my head,then paused to Punk-up my sweaty hair before assisting the grinning Hostess enhance the spike-effect by judicious placement of the Crown. "Are ye his Wife"?,the Hostess inquired. "His Mistress",Cassie returned in a stealthy whisper. "Hush Wench",I chided waggishly. Cassie leaned close,using a hand to shield her lips for a whisper that left large nipples raising lumps through our Hostess' Bodice & Blouse. Shaking-off a momentary gawp,our Hostess raised my right arm slightly above waist-level,placed Cassie's hand on my wrist and patted it in-place,then went up on tippy-toes to address the Pub-Crawlers with a vague wave,"Ladies-in-Waiting to the front,please?..It would make for a grand entrance if ye Men-at-Arms could be so kind as-to form two files as ye did on the March to our Humble Festival"? Satisfied with our alignment,she tinkled a small bell and Curtsied as the curtained door was swept open by a pair of guys dressed in Black & Red Uniforms akin to 'Beefeaters',"This way,Milord". Hammering his Staff into the ground when we entered the Tent,'THUMP! THUMP! THUMP'!,the Herald Loudly announced,"All Rise!..Sir Daniel Of Nord Bayern And Florida. Knight Of The Order Of The Rose"! Following him down the central Aisle towards the Lord's raised Dias,the Left side of the Tent sprang into a chorus of Boos & Hisses as the Right Flank offered Applause & Encouraging Cheers. "What's up with the split"?,Cassie inquired. "The Champion sits to the Lord's Right..I reckon that makes me the Challenger"...... (Currently Listening To : Peter Frampton : Frampton Comes Alive)  
Topics: Incredastory, Mature