TRP - Pub-Crawl ~ Renaissance ~ one

Pink Floyd : The Great Gig In The Sky : playz.... The Candy Dates were busy and the guys weren't too fond of the Japanese Beer,so we ambled along a couple of hundred yards of Curb until we reached the Drink Carts at the far end of 'France'. The guys weren't much interested in the Wines & Liqueurs they were serving there either,so the few of us who did slammed down our Pernod & Water's and we continued to March across the Bridge towards the Tents of the 'Renaissance Food Festival'. This was a Seasonal fixture for EPCOT's first few years and I was sad to see it go,because it was the most fun Party-Minded Adults could have in that Park during Spring & Summer. // Gotta go pick up a package... / Big score of Gonesh* Incense. Post Office made me sign that I was over the age of 18. ~ DUH! ~ I'm a wrinkly,White-haired Old Man! // As we approached the Fest-Site a Dwarf dressed as a Jester skittered over,cast a suspicious eye upon our Model Tanks and turned towards the Hostess Stand inquiring loudly,"What Wizardry is this,Milady"!? When she shrugged I came forth with an answer,"These are the finest mechanical amusements the Craftsmen of China have ever created". "China?..China say ye"?,the Dwarf puffed-up boldly,"'Tis far indeed..If Indeed ye made the trek of the Silk Road"? "Question me not,Tiny Knave",I put on haughty airs,"For I truly am a Knight and that places my words beyond Contention". He cracked a luridly skeptical smile,"A Knight 'eh"? Curtly nodding,"Truly",I fished a Business Card from my Wallet and handed it over to him,"Inform the Heralds". A bit of eyebrow raising reading later the Dwarf hustled to the Hostess Stand and passed her my Card. She did a double-take,spanned into a broad smile and bent to whisper to the Dwarf,who swiftly disappeared through the Curtained entryway before she rose to address me,"How many journey with thee,Sir Daniel"? "Twenty-Three". "It shall take us but a moment to prepare thy table,Milord",and with that she curtsied and slipped inside the Tent..... (Currently Listening To : Toto : Toto)
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