TRP - Pub-Crawl ~ 'Japan'

..."It's only Rock'n'Roll but I like it,like it; Yes I Do"!.... We were waiting for them to begin a Show in the 'America Gardens' Amphitheater at 1430hours before Road-Marching our small Armored Formation through the American Pavilion en-route to 'Japan'. Giving the Pub-Crawlers another opportunity to toke,I drew Foster away to escort me to the 'Prairie Schooner' that sold Musical Instruments. In short-order I was in possession of a nice Banjo,Foster was toting the Carrying-Case to the Gondola Dock and I was studiously trying to find my fingers or a sound that might convince folks that I knew what I was doing. Tommy Lawrence heard it before it registered with me,and started stomping his feet in rhythm to the Drum-intro to Blue Oyster Cult's 'Veteran Of The Psychic Wars'..One of our favorite Cadences. Snapping my fingers,"Full-Head,Tommy"!,I reached for my Wallet and pulled out a Pair of 20's,"Get y'ass over there and pick-out a Marching-Drum". // 10 minutes of rehearsals later we had a Parade capable of broaching any Crowd with our Satirical Military Bravado,so we formed up in two Ranks led by Tommy & I,followed by Lester & Roy and the rest of the Pub-Crawlers who were keeping the Armored Column on course between them. Seeing & hearing us,"You see us now,the Veterans of a Thousand Psychic Wars..",on the March with determined strides,the crowd parted,giving us the Right-of-Way through 'America' while a few Touristas snapped pictures and even fewer raised Rock'n'Roll Salutes as we passed In-Review. The Banjo was a fine substitute for Buck Dharma's Guitar,and,as I was intimate with the song,it made for a fairly easy translation on 'Twangy' wavelengths that meshed well with Tommy's Martial Drumming and the guy's deeply-intoned Cadence. // Moving smoothly into 'Japan',we broke Formation to occupy a low stone wall surrounding a large Shady Tree near the Tea Garden. The 'Garden House' provided the Pub-Crawlers with Kirin,Sapporo & Suntory Beers,shots of Sake` and Packaged Snacks such as Prawn-flavored Potato Chips..Which made my new shadow,Foster,blanch when I opened the Bag and offered him a taste. A few minutes later he traded me off to Becky when he got a good whiff of the Chunky Teriyaki Chicken Skewers she'd scored a few paces away at the 'Katsura Grill'. Watching him stroll away,Becky hit me with a hip-check,"Foster thinks it's like Blaspheme you're only here to Drink". "I don't care what anybody wearing Black Socks with Shorts has to say about me",I opined flippantly,"Never have..Never will"..... (Currently Listening To : The Moody Blues : Days Of Future Passed)
Topics: Incredastory, Mature