TRP - Pub-Crawl ~ Italy

..."So,what the Hell do we want? Is it only to go where nobody has gone? (A better way than the Herd. Sing a different song.)".... We were in no hurry to accomplish out limited goal of moving from Drink-to-Drink,which gave us a mental advantage over most of the Tourista's who were grumpily Herding themselves from one long line-to-the next without much thought. A good example of this phenomenon was found in the 100yard long shuffling mass of Morons waiting to pass through Italy's 'Tutto Gusto' Wine Cellar when there was a Cart within plain sight that sold samples from the same Vineyards that rarely had more than a half-dozen Tourista's waiting to be served..Alongside a Cart that dispensed Peroni Beer on Draft and another harking a selection of fine Italian Liqueurs; All served in Souvenir Glassware. My Bodyguard Detail needed to take a break,so we paused the Crawl to occupy the territory around a quartet of Umbrella-covered Benches on a stubby Peninsula extending out into the Lake(Gondola Dock for an Attraction that never Panned-Out.) and proceeded to take advantage of the Wind-Gauge to sneak in a few Tokes while Fritz ambled off to the Bathroom. Lester and his buddy,Roy,were definitely digging this action,which they both admitted was a far bolder move than they were willing to contemplate. // As 'America' was the only 'Dry' Pavilion in the World Showcase,our Pub-Crawl was effectively Half-way with much more than a Half Day left. We had an excellent spot to beat-the-heat while Partying and People-watching in relative Peace & Quiet,so we decided to Homestead it for awhile. My immediate aim was to Collect every variety of Logo Glassware those Carts had to offer,although I quickly fetched on a secondary mission and had Cassie Escort me cross the crowded Plaza to visit the Leather-Workers with a Commission to Craft me a Satchel for the Troubadour-Harp. The eldest Tanner had me sketch him an outline of the Harp,passed it along to his Apprentice,measured me to determine the length-of-Strap,called that out to his Apprentice,then proceeded to engage me with an expanse of Leather festooned with examples of the Detailed 'Tooling' & Finishes they had to offer. I kept that to the simple side of Rustic,opting for them to stitch it together with Sturdy Leather Lacing,adorned by a Celtic Cross embossed on the Flap with a Bone-Toggle Closure. Also opting to wait instead of having it delivered to Package Pick-Up,he told me it would be ready 15minutes after handing me the receipt for $32..... (Currently Listening To : The Clash : Combat Rock)
Topics: Incredastory, Mature