TRP - Pub-Crawl ~ Germany-to-Italy

..."Keep on Rocking in the Free World".... We Lunched on Brats & Beers at the 'Sommerfest' Imbiss(Fast-Food kiosk) while topping-off the Tank's Batteries at a series of Wall-Sockets along a narrow shelf provided to Recharge Portable Video Recorders. Our Heavy-Metal Models were garnering a lot of attention. Second only to comments on their size(4-6foot overall length) was Fidelity-to-Scale. I called them 'Toys' and for the sake of convenience I'll continue to,but these were Accurate Reproductions down to the minutest detail. In all Honesty,I never would've paid full-price($350-$450) for any one of them,and had turned similar Models down at Wurzburg's 'Volldienst Hobby-Geschaft' because they were so expensive. Having said that; At half-off I didn't hesitate to splurge when Ordering Copies of all 3 of our EPCOT Invaders,plus a Russian T-34/76,a T34/85 and several smaller-scale 4x4's,Boats,Planes & Tanks for delivery to Darstadt along with the multitude of Kits Andrew & I scored. // The Sommerfest Imbiss was tucked into a shady corner that was a convenient place for Wheelchair-bound Visitors to beat the heat while waiting to enter the Biergarten. Rolling up in a pair of 'Sports Model' Wheelchairs to grab a cool Beer,we met a couple of Black Vietnam Vets who recognized our Haircuts & Jargon and struck up a conversation with Fritz concerning what it was like to serve in the modern,'Volunteer' Army..Their gist being that we New-Breed Soldiers were,"..soft between the ears".(= Lacking Military Bearing & etc.) No doubt impressed to learn that Disney had invited us to conduct the Flag Raising Ceremony on Independence Day,they bought us a Round of Pints to compensate us for their misconception and a bawdy Ziggy-Zakki Prosit later we were splicing their 'Pub-Roll' into our Pub-Crawl. // On the Road-March towards 'Italy' I passed the Tiger Tank's controls to 'Lester' and took control of his Wheelchair while he had some fun chasing several shrilly squawking Seagulls around the melting remains of an Ice Cream Cone someone had dropped. Beaming a broad smile while passing the controls back,Lester quizzed,"Do you catch much flack from the other Officers about that Earring"? Responding,"Nope",I in-turn passed the Radio Controls on to Jon Eubanks,"I don't hang out with Officers much". He went squinty looking up at me,"No Lie,GI"? "No Lie",I confirmed,"By-and-Large,they're Not my kinda people..These folks are". Lester chuckled heartily,"Cool"..... (Currently Listening To : AC/DC : If You Want Blood,You Got It)  
Topics: Incredastory, Mature