TRP - Pub-Crawl ~ China-to-Germany

Gary Hoey : Frankenstein : playz.... We were sampling Harbin,Tiger & Tsingtao Beers in 'China',when Dana contacted me on the Walkie-Talkie advising us to take a Detour through the Indoor Bazaar's Toy-Land on our way out of the Pavilion. The 'Good Fortune' Bazaar was chock-full of neat stuff,and they'd provided us with Graduated Discount Coupons(*Something to the effect of 10% off $10 purchases to a Maximum of 50% off $100-or more.),so I didn't hesitate to follow her recommendation; They had added a Hobby Section and it featured a HUGE Selection of rare/unknown Brands from China & Hong Kong that spanned the Gamut of Scale-Modeling from Architectural Icons-to-Zulu War Dioramas..A Treasure-Trove most of the guys ignored as their immediate focus revolved around test-driving a variety of Large-Scale Radio-Controlled Cars,Construction Equipment,Fanciful Off-Roaders & Army Tanks. I keyed-up the Walkie-Talkie,"Yo Becky?..It's a no-brainer that Boats and Planes are Taboo,but is there any Rule that prevents us from operating Radio-Controlled Ground-Vehicles in EPCOT"? "You just won me Ten bucks"!,she returned cheerfully before answering the question,"Negatory..There are no Rules in our Books that cover that. Don't get too-damn-crazy and you boys might be able to get away with it". "Thanks,Hun". ~ Those Transmissions changed our whole day. // Andrew & I scored 2 full shopping carts of Kits for shipment to the Darstadt Reservation. The guys translated Becky's,"Don't get too-damn-crazy..",to limit themselves to sharing Control of a Sherman,a Tiger and a King-Tiger Tank in GI-Joe Scale.(1/6th) Many smaller & 'Taboo' R/C Vehicles would be waiting for us at Package Pickup as we were well within the 50% Discount-Zone and everybody had money to burn on Cool Toys at that rate. The final touches on our Trio of Tanks were the addition of Pirate Action-Figures as Crew and Bicycle Pendants to provide High Visibility before we set their clanking tracks Road-Marching for 'Germany'. Studying the Crowd's reactions,Becky Broadcast instructions to hug the left Curb and keep the Tanks within a cordon of our bodies. That was THE Winning Combo that allowed her to run interference for us when we were halted by the Security Detail stationed to prevent Touristas from carrying their Drinks beyond the German Border.....  (Currently Watching on DVR : 2018 Peach Bowl : Florida v/s Michigan)
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