TRP - Pub-Crawl ~ Preamble/Mexico

..."We're following the Leader,the Leader,the Leader..We're following the Leader wherever he may go".... Sunday,0730hours: Finishing our cool-down stroll after a brisk 2mile 'Wake Up' run,the Sea Dog fell into step and invited me to join ET's Pub-Crawling Birthday Party around EPCOT's World Showcase. "You should do it",Jan opined. Concurring crisply,"I should"!,I tossed Dog a raised thumb,"Tell the Bus Driver we'll be needing a ride at 0900". He returned the thumb-salute,"Wilco Boss"!,and angled off towards the Shuttle. The Humpahos understood I owed the guys some time,too,so there were no gripes..Provided I returned in decent shape to tickle their Fancies. Forming a simple plan over our Southern-style Breakfasts in the 'Trail's End' Restaurant,(Heavyweight 5-Star Bargains by Disney Standards.)Bubble Butt Becky,Cassie,Dana and Jan would ride loose Escort on the Pub-Crawl while also maintaining contact with me VIA Kid's Walkie-Talkies. // 1000hours: After making a stop at a kiosk to purchase some Funky Headwear(A few guys were Jealous-of and/or Inspired-by the floppy,Bell-tipped Harlequin Cap I'd worn into EPCOT.) I continued Tour-Guiding the guys through the Odyssey Restaurant to by-pass the mass of Humanity crowding the Main Promenade,allowing us to slip into 'Mexico' without much fuss. We began our Pub-Crawl at,'La Cava Del Tequila',and being their first Customers,we were able to lay first-claim on the limited Daily allotment of Goody Bags filled with Paraphernalia provided by their Sponsors. Tequila,Cigars & Free Swag(-aka- 'Macho-Manly' Party-Favors) set a righteous Celebratory tone with the guys,who had no idea that this quiet little Cantina and it's isolated Garden existed until I led them to it. Nats & Marty Collins were quick off the mark in that shady Arena,taking advantage of the Cigar-Smoke-Screen to mask the scent of their sneaky tokes of Herbal Essence. They shared a momentary freak-out when Jon Eubanks' bulky,6foot 5inch frame came to loom over their table with a menacing snap of fingers followed-through to an open palm plainly communicating,'Turn it over'. When the pype landed in Jon's hand he sparked it up,took a deep hit and passed it back to Nats airing faintly rumbled praise,"Oh Yeah..That's the Good Shit"..... (Currently Listening To : STARZ : Coliseum Rock)         
Topics: Incredastory, Mature