TRP - "Faith and Trust and Pixie-Dust..."

Gary Hoey : Fun,Fun,Fun : playz.... Keeping to the Kinky side of Customized Birthday gifts,the High Priestess Pro-Tempore`slipped a Golden Sash & Bow over the Green Fairy Costume the Tinkerbell Clone also-known-as Katie had scored from the Disney Store at Disney Village. Making a sassy 360* to waggle her Tail-Feathers at me half way 'round,Katie blew me a Coquettish kiss,then hooked her fingers around the sides of her Bikini undies and made a slow,squiggling upwards haul until the fabric creased her fleshy Blonde Venus Mound as a thin Green stripe. Croaking,"Don't move a Muscle",I hoisted Katie onto the bench of the nearest Picnic Table,placed a gently buffing thumb on the highlighted kernel of her nubbins,"Wanna play 'Slutty Buddies' like the big-kids,Tink"? Receiving a naughty,lip-licking nod by way of non-verbal assent,I then un-cupped and kneaded her perky,Diamond-capped B-Cups while the obediently frozen Fairy's temperature soared into the Realm of Fevers. My next words,"OK,Tink..Keep stretching those undies up for me",caused Katie to emote languid,heated whines as the continued application of pressure squeezed her crinkled Labes out from under the Green strip,which immediately began turning darker while sopping-up her suddenly abundant Juices. Crooning adoration,"Gooooood Girrrrrrrrrl",I took control of the elastic waistband and drew Katie's undies down,her hands trailing the sinking fabric South for a spirited diddle as my bend to reach her feet placed me at the most intimate eye-level with the parted Coral-Pink Petals of her dewy Sex-Orchid. Retreating from my sniffing advance on her fragrant arousal,Katie took a seat on the tabletop,kicked her undies off and slapped the bench with her bare feet while airing a waggishly naughty giggle,"Faith and Trust and Pixie-Dust...Make me a Mommy,Peter".... (Currently Listening To : Thin Lizzy : Live And Dangerous)    
Topics: Incredastory, Mature