TRP - Birthday This & That

Gary Hoey : Peter Gunn : playz.... Our Disney Shuttle seated 60,so several of us opted to do some Shopping in the Polynesian's 'Bou-Tiki' while waiting for it's return. I made sure ET was among us,as his Birthday(03 July) was about 90minutes away and he was having a tough time dealing with the heat & humidity because all he'd packed for britches were a few pairs of Levi's. When I offered to foot the bill for his Vacation Wardrobe Crazy Deena was far more enthusiastic than ET,mainly because she'd spent the last two days fearing he was gonna keel-over from Heat-Exhaustion,and he was too Mule-headed to admit his 'Cool' Levi's were not a cool-fit for Central Florida's Steamy Summer Climate. Deena talked him into picking-out a couple pairs of Cargo Shorts,a pair of 'Ocean Pacific' Surf Shorts,and,for good measure,tossed-in a pair of Checkerboard 'Vans' Skateboard Shoes.(see; Jeff Spiccoli 'Fast Times At Ridgemont High') I followed Suit on the OP's & Vans,added 3 Flowery Hawaiian Shirts to my collection and topped our purchases off with a selection of Post Cards from the rack beside the Register. // The girls who had gone ahead of us were in the process of transforming the Humpaho enclave when we returned to Ft.Wilderness. One of the Volvo-304's contained no Amenities and was configured as a 'Sleeper' for 12 using fold-out Sofa's & fold-up Bunks. This had been relocated to share the Tioga's Concrete Slab and the '303 backed into position to close the gap between the two,providing us much more security from prying eyes than our original low Circle of Picnic Tables..And almost endless possibilities for Nest-building. Now that I'd rested & recuperated from imbibing too much Trip-o-Hol the Humpaho's were Eager Beavers to resume my Birthday Bash..... (Currently Listening To : KIZZ : KIZZ Rocks Vegas {live})
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