The Rake's Progress - Skanks Too

Gary Hoey : Hawaii 5-0 : playz.... 2100hours: All present,gathered together and ready to munch a bunch of Pacific Island Cuisine,our band of Happy Campers watched the Fireworks lighting up the skies over the Magic Kingdom from the Beach adjacent to Luau Cove. A few minutes after the thunderous Finale` we'd checked-in and Grass-skirted Hostesses were 'Getting us Lei'd' before leading Ten of us at a time to seats facing the Stage behind long Bamboo Tables place-set with Bamboo Dinnerwear,fresh Tropical Flower Arrangements and Mini Tiki-Torches..A major change from the thin Bamboo Mats we'd sat on at Ground-level during the Luau that Belle Jones,Blossom,Gidget & I attended during Easter Break from ATC School. Our drink orders were being taken when the Skanks entered the Cove all Dolled-up and escorted by a couple of guys who looked like Preppy Recruiting Posters in their Khaki Dockers & Izod Polo Shirts,an Ivy-League vision completed to a Cartoonish-degree by a Sweater draped over one of the guy's shoulders.(In July?) After noticing me,the Blonde who'd done the angry talking earlier spent a couple of antsy minutes squirming in her seat before saying something to the others and rising to make a round-about approach to confront me over the Table,"You'd better not fuck this up or.." I snapped my fingers sharply to cut her off,"Don't threaten me unless you're itching to get thumped by my Bodyguards",I beamed her a condescending smile following the harsh warning,"Sister,I don't care who y'all infect as long as it doesn't include any of my Troops..Aloha". Not happy,but correctly reading the finality which I used to punctuate that 'Aloha',the pouty Blonde Skank retraced the stealthy route back to her Table and did a fine,fine job of ignoring me until our Waitress delivered Banana Coloda Slushies to them with my Compliments,at which time the Quartet of Plastic Assholes turned towards me and raised their Souvenir Tiki Mugs in-Cheer..... (Currently Watching On DVD : Donovan's Reef {My Favorite Christmas Movie})
Topics: Incredastory, Mature