TRP - "Those Skanks.."

Gary Hoey : Walk,Don't Run : playz.... There's not much to say about a Lazy Day; I rested and recharged my Batteries with Solar Power. The girls caught up on the Shopping Trips they'd abandoned Yesterday. Those among us who'd visited the Parks were telling the same sort of tales about Overcrowding & Bad Vibrations,and they were genuinely glad to have an excuse to leave early. We had 100 Seats Reserved for the Late Luau,and because of the Ferry & Monorail connections we planned to Rendezvous at the Polynesian Resort's Marina Pool between 1900-2100hours bringing the Park Visitor's pre-packed bags of Swimsuits & changes of Clothes. Using the example set by Lufthansa Airlines,I talked the Polynesian's Manager out of 100 Wristbands so I could run a Tab at the Poolside Bar. He was appreciative of the advanced warning,which gave him time to dispatch a couple of extra Bartenders to the Marina before they got slammed by our Drink Orders. // Disney has a neat habit of placing Poolside Bars within sight of Kiddie-Pools at their Resorts & Water-Parks. Those Kiddie Pools are crewed by plenty of Babysitter-esque Lifeguards who give Parents a chance to decompress with cool Libations while maintaining a supervisory eye on their Youngsters. True to that form,Rebel Rose & Kitz were decompressing at the Marina Bar after a grueling day of leading Noodles & Bambi from one long line to another in the Magic Kingdom,also standing the additional Duty of identifying our group of Happy Campers for the Bartenders. Across from them,Marty Collins was chatting with a couple of pale girls wearing fashionable,French-Cut Bikinis on the shadowy side of the Marina Bar when I stepped up and ordered a Banana Colada from their Fruit Slushy menu. Marty turned away from them and flashed me a clandestine thumb's-up at waist-level,"Why don't you come and join us,Sir"? His gloating face fell when I returned,"Those Skanks are gonna put you on Sick-Call,Marty",but he shuffled away from them nonetheless. "Whaoh"!,the closest one made a grab for Marty's arm,"You're gonna listen to Him"? He shook free,"For Sure..He's never steered me wrong". She unleashed a rancorous scowl at me,"Do you get off on Cock-blocking or something"? "Or Something",I parried blithely,"Go spread your Syphilis somewhere else". Rebel Rose's boisterous laughter caused her to snap a sour glance across the Bar before swinging a face tainted by Pure Red Evil back onto me,"FUCK YOU"! I collected my Drink,"No Thanks..I Respect my Dick". A second later my face caught the remains of her Vodka & OJ. I wiped it away airing a glib,"I reckon that's a Sin in your Bed-Buggy World"?,then doused her with Yellow Slushy and used one of my harshest tones to repeat,"Go Spread Your Syphilis Somewhere Else". As the two Disco-Dollies stormed-off I passed the Bartender a broad smile and shrugged,"Sorry,an ugly Bug landed on that one..Can I get another,please"?..... (Currently Listening To : Soft Cell : Non-Stop Erotic Cabaret)    
Topics: Incredastory, Mature