TRP - " Chain-Mail Undies"?

..."And your Wise Man don't know how it feels..To be thick as a brick".... 1015hours: I was dozing in a Sun-lounger when Dana shook me awake,"Disney Security wants to talk to you". I waved the pair of Suits over from the Tioga,sparked up a Lucky Strike and pulled my Gatorade from the Cooler as they were strolling out onto the grass,"What's Up"? The Head Honcho removed his shades,"Mister Simmons,We're Investigators with Disney Security. I'm Sergeant Foster and this.." "Did Crowe Dispatch you guys"? "..Uh,what?..No..We want to talk to you about the incident at the Trading Post this Morning". "You'd better talk to Crowe first". Nods shared between them,the second Suit pulled a Walkie-Talkie from his belt and put some distance between us while the Honcho continued,"Why did you walk away this Morning"? "I had to; Three of my Bodyguards are away on another Assignment,One was with her Family taking advantage of the Resort Guests early entry to the Magic Kingdom,Two were called away at short notice to meet with Crowe at 0630 and the last one woke up with appalling Diarrhea..If that Chief had any Family or Friends coming to his rescue I'd have been forced to shoot 'em". His arms crossed in an arrogant pose,"I suppose you think that's funny"? "No. I Suppose you're rather slack in the performance of your Duties..I also Suppose Crowe's gonna chew enough of your Ass that he'll be able to skip Lunch..He's already dealt with the situation". The Radioman jogged up and slapped the Honcho's arm while making a strong 'Go' motion with his head,"We've been recalled to the Station". I gazed at the highly perturbed Honcho over the rim of my mirrored,wrap-around Bolle`s,"Wanna borrow my Chain-Mail Undies"? His turn-away didn't come quite quick enough to conceal the goofy Grin he grew in an instant,"Have a nice day,Mister Simmons". "I'm Trying". In the lounger beside me,Becky rolled over to sit-up and watch them leave,"Did Foster check out my ass"? "Not much,Hun. His shades were off and he was focused on me for the most part". "heh..Foster's always yakkin-it-up 'bout my ass. He's gonna flip-out when I rag him about the sight he missed". // Free Money!..FREE MONEY!!..Free Money!..FREE MONEY !!..Free Moneyyyyyyyyyyyyy!..... (Currently Listening To : Trans-Siberian Orchestra : Christmas Eve And Other Stories)
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