TRP - Chief Hassle

The Alan Parsons Project : Nucleus : playz.... Saturday,0705hours: We'd just completed our final Drill/Dress Rehearsal,raising the Stars & Stripes over Ft.Wilderness' Settlement Trading Post. The Honor Guard was Marching back to our Campsite and I was rolling up the extension cord to my mini-Amp when a gnarly old Squid wearing Master Chief Petty-Officer Rank Insignia on his hat bearing the Inscription 'U.S.S.West Virginia BB-48' over the Battleship's silhouette approached me to complain gruffly,"Why did you screw the National Anthem up with that hippie shit"? "Because we were invited to",I answered curtly. "By Who"? "Ease-up Chief",I cautioned. He persisted with an evil scowl,"I asked you a fucking question"! Rapidly running out of patience,I matched his angry tone,"I'm under no obligation to answer your Fucking Question..Take your Archie Bunker attitude somewhere else". "Problem Sir"?,Fritz inquired while stepping into the frame. "That depends on the Chief here,Sergeant-Major. He seems to be suffering from the delusion that Retired NCO's have the Right to pull-Rank on Active-Duty Officers In Uniform". He raised a threatening fist,"Naw,just fucking punks like you"! Fritz promptly slapped the Chief's fist away from my face,growling,"Back off". The Chief launched a haymaker at Fritz,who ducked under the sucker-punch to land a solid right to his Beer-Gut,causing the gnarly old Squid to double-over and heave-up his partially-digested Breakfast without delay. Wincing at the overwhelming stench of his Bile,Fritz patted him on the back,"For future reference; There wouldn't have been any shit if you hadn't been so eager to stir some up",bent to take my mini-Amp by the handle and steered me in the direction of the 300-Loop,"I don't think that had anything to do with Rank,Woof..He's a MOTARD".(Reminder; MOTARD = MOre ReTARDed than Human Nature normally allows for. {see: Willfully Ignorant}) ..... (Currently Listening To : Joe Jackson : I'm The Man)
Topics: Incredastory, Mature