TRP - Kinkinitiation ~ '..Tripping our Balls off..'

..."(HEY!) Love can rock you. Never stop you. (aaaah-AAAAAH-aaaah-aaaah) Love is like a rock"!.... I took deep tokes from a Peace Pipe before & after a guzzled dose of Trip-o-Hol,passed the Bottle & Pipe off to Allison,then canted forward to wank her sunken drooper into my mouth. Emoting a blissfully mellow sigh,"Don't be in any hurry",she chugged the remainder of the Bottle,belched,giggled and leaned back to lounge against a Picnic Table before scoring a surprisingly agile 'Pin' move by sweeping my arms up over her thighs at practically useless angles while crossing her heels over my upper spine. Chortling,"Look Mom,No Hands"!,Allison eased her butt off the tarp,slipping her rapidly reviving Unit past my lashing tongue to encroach on my throat. "Can't help but look when you two get together",Victoria snickered,"It's like watching a Triple-X version of 'Ripley's Believe It Or Not'". "You can believe this",Allison waggishly countered by placing her palm on my forehead to deny me any chance of ruining her opportunity to show-off the full extent of her boner being unsheathed from my clasping lips and the hungered chase my tongue made to tease it back in,"NONE of you girls can get me this hard,this fast",then shifted her halting palm to a helping skullcap and slipped back into my slutty gullet. // The girls loved watching me cast my pride aside nearly as much as it thrilled my Kinky-Bone to hear the mass-diddling that accompanied my debauched forays through Freakville's Sleaziest Alleyways. This was an Uber-Special foray by (mis-)virtue of involving Allison in the Rites-of-first-Night while staging our first Initiation Ceremony outdoors under conditions of stealthy quiet in one of the most Family-oriented environments on Planet Earth; It sounded as if an Army of Squirrels were trudging through Mud,happy about it,and afraid to whisper a word lest it break the cheerful Magic Spell they were Marching under. Maria's mellow Herb was a Major contributing-factor in maintaining a 'Peaceful,Easy Feeling' at both ends of the Voyeuristic Scales..Even though Allison & I were also quite literally Tripping our Balls off on Peyote-based Aphrodisiac/Moonshine. I was the Meat in some Sandwiches,the Bread in others and full-time douche-face for Humpahos bold enough to hazard the slick tarp and douse me with their female ejaculate..... (Currently Listening To : The Rolling Stones : Still Life)
Topics: Incredastory, Mature