TRP - Newborns & Newbies ~ ten

..."What's in your head,in your head? Zombie! Zombie! Zombie"!.... The Polizei were mightily concerned at the outset,but eventually determined that the trio of Suicidal Squatters had no real ties to the Red Army Faction. The Digger dude was a Messianic Head-Case who Idolized Charles Manson,and like him,was prone to adopt other Fringe Element's causes to support whatever bullshit agenda suited his current whims of fomenting Anarchy. In this instance it was the repetitious playing of The Star-Spangled Banner that irked his immense Ego. The wannabe Manson's were in possession of several thousand Hits of LSD in Raw Liquid form,with sheets of 'Blotter' paper & 'Microdot' tabs ready for Sale..Which pretty much insured that they would not be returning to hassle us anytime within the next 20-to-30 Years. // An interesting postscript to this screwy scene was writ in the reactions to it; Professor Karl apologized profusely for introducing a rogue element that overtly challenged my/our Hospitality. Apologizing independently from him,the Diggers 'Policed' their own ranks and sent a pair of Students sympathetic to the Trio of Anarchists packing back to Heidelberg University. The Honor Guard praised me for standing my ground in defiance of the Grim Reaper,while my Bodyguards and many of the Humpahos wanted to strangle me for precisely the same reason. // I'd spent a long day in Uniform before I got the opportunity to change into Civvies. Lilly was lounging on the Sofa before my Shrank,scoping-out Giebelstadt's GCA Training Manual when she turned towards the sound of my footsteps and raised a finger to her lips. Tossing the thumb beside that shushing finger over her shoulder to punctuate a quiet,"Sandy's sleeping-off Jet-Lag",Lilly closed the Manual on a Bookmark and scootched into the far corner of the Sofa sporting a leering grin,"She couldn't resist curling-up in those Furs". I sat and bent to the task of un-lacing my boots,"You're not feeling 'Lagged"? "I slept for most of the Flight",Lilly returned while sending her mischievous right foot to tug on my earlobe with a 'Monkey Grip',"I hear this is the best place for a girl to whisper if she wants her dreams to come true"? Before I could form an answer she surged forward to test that rumor/theory,"I wanna get jumped while jogging",then flopped back into the corner wearing a bright Carmine blush,"Can Do"? "Will Do..Put your Running Shoes on"..... (Currently Listening To : April Wine : Nature Of The Beast)     
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