TRP - Newborns & Newbies ~ nine

..."You say you want a Revolution? Well you know; We all want to change the World".... The 4th-through-7th renditions of 'The Star-Spangled Banner' were as alike as I could craft them. The timing of those 4 Drills satisfied Lynn,who gave me the final wave-off,then brought the Honor Guard to,"Attention"!,and,"Present Arms"!,to offer their Collective Salute,which I returned sharply. We were finishing our second round in the Pub about a half-hour later when a White Mercedes Mini-Bus led a Convoy consisting of a Tiger-striped Volvo C-303 & 3 Olive Green C-304's up the Cut from Ochsenfurt and rumbled to a stop as if 'Circling The Wagons' around the Flag & Totem Poles centering Woofhausen's Cul-de-Sac. It was a Crew from 'Beat The Street' Custom Coach-Works in Vienna,(Where we'd purchased the Star & Roadie Cruisers.) and they came delivering gifts from the Prinnies. They were the same type of Surplus Swedish Army Trucks I'd scored from Sue for the trade of a new Cadillac,but these were the latest Models with 185hp(303) & 255hp(304's) Turbocharged Diesels,taken fresh off Volvo's Factory Floor to Vienna,where they'd been fitted-out as a 'Make-Out' Van & Nicely-Equipped 8-Bunk Campers. Evidently the Prinnies enjoyed the Volvo Conversions at Ft.Hood and ordered us improved versions that could keep pace on the Autobahns. I say 'Evidently' because we hadn't seen them in some time and they were yet to answer the messages left with their Secretaries & etc after Lanie Birthed the Twins. // A short while later a nasty scenario evolved when a Digger dude & 2 chicks toted their bags into a 304 and began making themselves at Home. I dispatched Pearly to find Professor Karl and led the rest of my Bodyguards to evict the Squatters. What I found as I stood in the Camper's open door were some of the Worst Souls to inhabit Human Flesh I'd ever met. Not only did they smugly refuse to leave,but one of the chicks hustled over to the Stove,blew out the Pilot Lights and began filling the interior with Natural Gas. Holding a Zippo Lighter up in a threatening manner,the dude copped a condescending smile and started lecturing me on the Sins of Capitalism,Christianity,International Banking,Wealth,the Unlawful Occupation of Germany and the Martyrdom of the Red Army Faction.(-aka-The Bader-Meinhof Gang; Purportedly Murdered in their Prison Cells a few years earlier.) His bombastic monologue lasted long enough for Dana to get under the Truck,shut off the Gas and hand-signal 'All Clear' through the Kitchen window. I let him spout-off a bit longer to give the wind a chance to dissipate the Gas,then interrupted to pose a simple question,"Welche ein bisschen Welt wunschen Sie Ihre Kinder herein heranwachsen"?(What kind of World do you want your Children to grow up in?) "You speak German"?,he quizzed me in-return. I shrugged,"You want a World where I speak German"?,then taught him the meaning of 'Trick Question' when I buried my Right Combat Boot in his Nuts with sufficient force to insure he would never Father Children,caught the nearest chick in the middle of a Banshee-wailing pounce and flung her up against the wall,then slowly advanced on the third,who was waving a lit Bic lighter around frantically,quipping,"Werden Sie gerne eine meiner Pistolen borgen"?(Would you like to borrow one of my Pistols"?) Realizing the Revolutionary winds had left her stranded in the Doldrums,she sank to her knees sobbing..... (Currently Listening To : Sweet : Desolation Boulevard)  
Topics: Incredastory, Mature